April 23 HCB Bras Ens with H’ville Chorale at BRCC Blk Tie
February 8 With Mardigras at Lake Pointe Landing
February 9 With Mardigras at College Walk
February 13 With Buddy K Big Band at Haywood Arts Theater: Valentine’s Dance
February 21 With Buddy K Big Band at Patterson Center
February 26 With Mardigras at Trinity View
March 10 With Veritas Pit Band for Guys a& Dolls
March 11 With Veritas P:it Band for Guys & Dolls
April 10 With LEGACY at The Stream with Vinnie: 1:30 P.M. Casual
April 15 Uptown Jazz Quintet at Kenmure C.C.: Blk. Tie
April 18 MGBSB at College Walk Reg outfit 6:30 call
April 22 Hv’ille Swing Band at Treinity Presb
April 23 HCB Brass Ens with H’ville Chorale at BRCC: Black tie
May 8 HCB at BRCC 1:30 call Black tie
May 10 With HCB Brass Ens. for BRCC Graduation: Black tie
May 24 Mardi at Caroliona Village
May 24 MGBSB at Carolina Village reg outfit time ?
May 29 MGBSB play for VETS...Time and place to be announcened ?
June 2 Mardigras at Givens Estate
June 16 MGB Vet’s gig. Gratis
July 4 MGBSB at Brookdale
July 11 MGB Brookdale Gratis
July 16 Spring Arbor West 6 to 8 Pick up gig
July 29 At T Bob’s with Marilyn Siets 5-7
August 15 At Trinity View in Arden with MGBSB
September 3 HCB App:le Festival 10:a.m.Down town H’ville
October 1 MGSB OCT FEST at The Oaks
October 6 MGBSB : College Walk 6:30 all
October 14 MGSB at Grace Lutheran: OCT FEST
October 18 UJQ- A Taste Call time 5:P.M.
October 28 OCT Fest at The Oaks MGBSB ????
October 31 With Mark Sherren at Lk. Pt.
October 31 With Mark Sherren at Lake Pointe Landing
November 2 MGB: P:ine Crest
November 5 The H’ville Swing Band at HHS
December 16 Brass Ensemble at BRCC 5:P.M. Tux
December 17 With Uptown Jazz Quintet at Grand Bohemian Hotel. Tx
December 31 New Years Eve at T.V. TBA
February 14 with mark Sherren at Lake Point Landing: Valentine Dance Dress: all black. time 6:P.M to 8:P.M.
February 27 With MGBSB at College Walk. Reg. outfit. 6:P.M.
March 11 With Mark Sherren at Carriage Clubhouse: "Blk. Tie.
April 22 With H’ville Swing Band 2:PM. Hawaiian Shirts
April 26 With MGBSB: Par the rent gig
April 27 With MGBSB at Trinity View.
May 27 H’ville Swing Band
June 17 H’ville Swing Band: Trinity Pres.
July 4 MGBSB
July 14 With the Buddy K. Big Band for honor Air Benefit
August 14 MGBSB at Lake Pt. 7:00
October 10 UJQ : A Taste of H’ville 5:P.M.
October 10 UJQ at BRCC: A Taste of H’ville. 6:P.M.
October 14 OCT FEST at Grace MGBSB
November 4 Hendersonville swing Band at Trinity Pres. 3:P.M.
November 9 MGBSB at College Walk: 7:P.M.
November 13 MGBSB at Trinity Views in Arden
November 15 MGBSB at Trinity Presb
November 15 With MGBSB at Trinity Presb.
December 31 New Years Eve at Carriage Park Country Club with Mark Sherren

The Russ Martin Ensemble at Biltmore Estate